Steam4SEN project was presented by NART during a seminar for Quality of the eductional process

On 15th of October 2021 representatives of the National Association of Resource Teachers/Bulgaria took part in a seminar: "Quality of the educational process” in Varna. The main products of the STEAM4SEN project were presented - the results of the National reports on the opportunities and challenges related to the STEAM approach, the developed products in connection with the introduction of STEAM training - methodology and activities for students.

The seminar was attended by more than 100 principals and pedagogical specialists in the system of preschool and school education of the municipality of Varna.

The main topics were the quality of the educational process in kindergartens and schools, with special attention to the opportunities for innovation, incl. to introduction of the STEAM approach in kindergartens.

The Golden Ratio laboratory work

The Golden Ratio laboratory work

The last 4th laboratory work in Bulgaria was implemented in the end of June, with students from 7th grade/140. Secondary School "Ivan Bogorov" - Sofia. The school is a long-term partner of NART and introduces educational innovations in the learning process.
The practical activity is a part of the project output O2 - A2 Implementation of Laboratory work. The particular activity number 30 of the Steam4sen Educational Kit is on the topic:"Golden ratio". The students had the opportunity to choose teams to work and research areas to study the principle of the golden section.
The research directions chosen by the students for discovering the principle of the golden section were: geometry, space, nature, art, architecture, incl. in significant cultural achievements of mankind.
This activity provides a link between human health, the environment and the curriculum in physics, chemistry, geography and biology.
Presentation of the STEAM4SEN outputs

Presentation of the STEAM4SEN outputs

Just before the  summer holidays, representatives of NART , managed to  present the Steam4sen great achievements to a group  ot teachers from Vocational school..

They get to know some of the activities from the educational toolkit and were excited that they could use them efficiently in their everyday practice!!!

Participation of the STEAM4SEN project in TIC@Portugal'21 – EDUCOM

Participation of the STEAM4SEN project in TIC@Portugal'21 – EDUCOM

This event aims to reflect on the practices of using ICT in Education. It aims to hear from educators and teachers who use ICT in the field, through the presentation of their work, and invites experts to contribute the latest knowledge in this field. It is an opportunity to disseminate and debate the use of ICT in teaching and learning processes.


This is one of the biggest events in Portugal, this year, with more than 800 participants, 57 speakers and 18 workshops.

Presentation available at:


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STEAM4SEN project activities presented during Summer  Inclusive Education Academy NART

STEAM4SEN project activities presented during Summer Inclusive Education Academy NART

During last days of  JUNE 2021 is held the traditional summer Inclusive Education academy, organised by National association of resource teachers. The chairperson Kalina Vulova has presented the current state of STEAM4SEN project activities in front of 75 participants with different profile, from all over Bulgaria. The resource specialists have shared their experience  working with SEN students , using some specific instuments and methods. For most of  them the STEAM4SEN toolkit rose  great interest.