„Laboratory work“ in Vocational school - Pazardzhik (Bulgaria)

„Laboratory work“ in Vocational school - Pazardzhik (Bulgaria)

On April 21st, a few days after reopening of the Bulgarian schools, in the Vocational school of chemical and food technologies – city of Pazardzhik, was held a practical lesson with students from 9th grade. The activity, that was implemented - "The relationship between emotions and technology", is a part of the Laboratory work with students/including students with SEN/ within the frame of the intellectual product O2 - A2/ STEAM4SEN project.

15 students were engaged in a discussion about the technological develepment and its relation to emotions, what are the real feelings in today's highly digitalized world, what are the benefits and risks of the widespread use of humanoid robots and artificial intelligence.

Participants were also involved in discussions about the most optimistic and pessimistic options related to the use of artificial intelligence by formulating questions, expressing opinions, building hypotheses about the future. After completing the activity, students have the opportunity to develop their own research projects on the topic.

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2021 STEM Discovery Campaign

The 2021 STEM Discovery Campaign is a joint international initiative organised by Scientix that invites projects, organisations, libraries, schools, universities and youth clubs across Europe and around the world, to celebrate careers and studies in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).
1st Newsletter

1st Newsletter

Pi Day | Celebrate Mathematics on March 14th 2021 in Portugal

March 14 is International Mathematics Day.

It is a worldwide initiative, defined by UNESCO, to celebrate mathematics in all its forms, and has been celebrated, since 2020, on March 14, the day on which Pi Day is also celebrated.
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