STEAM4SEN & Education and Training 5.0

STEAM4SEN & Education and Training 5.0

Last 12th of May 2020, Effebi launched the serie of online seminars dedicated to discussion and confrontation on the topic of Education and Training, to analyse, with the support of some experts, how it is going to be transformed in different sectors and contexts.

The first Virtual Lab was dedicated to "Education & Training 5.0".

The new digital culture and the diffusion of technological tools in the various areas of daily life are deeply integrated in society: at work, in the studio, at home.
In order to be aligned with the times and offer attractive learning experiences, education and training must be able to use emerging technologies efficiently and effectively, such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Robotics just to mention the most popular ones.

Two Keynote Speakers delved into the evolution of the topic from different perspectives:

  • Alessandro CAFORIO, Research and Innovation Manager at the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO illustrated the potential applications of digital innovations to the traditional paradigm of education 

  • Alessandro ALBERTI, Senior Director at Intesa Sanpaolo Bank introduced the "Learntech" as the new training challenge, reporting the experience of the HR department in combining education and entertainment.

Within this framework, the project STEAM4SEN has been presented to the audience as a good example of forward-looking practice which aims to open STEAM education to SEN students with the special support of robotics which becomes an expedient for experiential and inclusive learning in the framework of formal education.



STEAM4SEN project presented during a National Winter academy of resource specialists in Bulgaria

During the traditional "Winter Inclusive education academy" of National association of resource teachers in February 2020, #Steam4SEN project was presented to more than 100 participants: teachers, resource specialists, school counselors, representatives of ministry of education and regional authorities,school principals and others. Bulgarian National report within Activity 1 : DEFINITION OF CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES IN TEACHING STE(A)M SUBJECTS TO STUDENTS WITH SEN, was discussed and next steps of preparing the Educational kit were explained...

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