Тhe Activity "Explore the colours" from the Steam4sen Educational Toolkit inspired many students in 124 School in Sofia

On June 7th in the 124 Primary School "Vasil Levski" - Sofia was held a practical lesson with students from 5th, 6th and 7th grade within the project STEAM4SEN, organised by National Association of resource teachers/BG/. The activity "Explore the colors" is part of the Educational toolkit /IO1-A3/, made by the Steam4en partners. The activity is dedicated to the study of the spectrum and the decomposition of the light. The students discovered the effects of color overlap and their interaction. The students were involved in a discussion about the basic colors and the result of mixing them. They experimented with color filters and images, the relationship between the spectrum of light and the visible colors of different combinations of color images. Students discuss how color filters change white light.
After completing the activity, students will make their own research projects on the shades and combinations of favorite colors. The projects will be prepared and done in the Arts classeс.