Steam4Sen classes at the “Federico Caffè” School don’t stop

Despite the pandemic, the imminent end of a quite busy school year and the countless commitments that derive from it, the STEAM4SEN project has moved on and reached its core: STEAM laboratories are ready and we are starting to experiment.

The results of the research, experimentation and comparison work of teachers from the 4 Partner Schools and qualified experts in teaching methodologies from Portugal, Malta, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Greece and Italy are available to all.

56 different STEAM laboratories were planned and specifically designed for SEN students. The labs are equipped with detailed educational kits, that provide information for those teachers who are going to realize them, regarding the STEAM areas involved, the materials required, the actions guiding the project methodology (ENQUIRY BASED LEARNIG a methodology based on investigation) and the steps necessary to implement the activities: 1. INVOLVE -> 2. EXPLORE -> 3. EXPERIMENT-> 4. EXPLAIN -> 5. REFLECT -> 6. EVALUATE.

Further news, hopefully appreciated by teachers, is that every educational laboratory kit was translated in the 6 project languages: today they are available not only in English but also in Italian and if you really want to have fun in Portuguese, Bulgarian, Greek and Lithuanian!

"Why we need Mathematics in real life", "Control of water consumption - Intelligent irrigation circuit" "Understanding the state of matter through food", "Open a restaurant", "Create your own crystal", "Tourist guide photography "," Where art and science intersect "," One person can make a difference "," The house of dreams "," All dancing " already renamed " The dancing chick! " are just some of the 56 laboratories planned to bring together Mathematics, Science, Technology and Engineering, with Art, Creativity and Critical Thinking.

The first experiments at the I.I.S. “Federico Caffè” have already started, and new labs are to be implemented in September with further feedbacks to enrich our laboratory experience.

The first IOT pioneer was our teacher Valentina Ferraresi who, with the students of the class 1BL, embarked on the foremost challenge: a creative thinking laboratory on IOT!

The boys threw themselves with enthusiasm into the laboratory and it was nice to give them a wide range of sensors, microprocessors, services: we asked them to create something with the only limit of their imagination and it was great to see that all their ideas were meant to improve other people's life!

We reckon that this is a beautiful response to the beginning of the experimentation, which arouses faith in our children and rewards all the teachers’ efforts and enthusiasm.

But we have just started, with the new school year we are going to organize new activities and we’ll keep you updated! Follow us here and also here: and in the meantime…have a nice summer!