3rd Laboratory Work done in 140 Seconary school/Sofia

3rd Laboratory Work done in 140 Seconary school/Sofia

The 3rd laboratory work , organized by NART representatives, was held on June 14, 2021 in 140. Secondary School "Ivan Bogorov"/Sofia with students from 8th grade. The  school is a long-term partner of NART  and actively implements  educational innovations in the learning process.

The activity is number 32, and the topic is: "Can a Person Make a Difference?". The students researched the connection between the people and the environment,  discussed the factors - physical and chemical, that affect human health and well-being. The participants worked on two cases related to environmental pollution, consequences and possible solutions to exiting problems.

This activity provides a link between human health, the environment and the curriculum in physics, chemistry, geography and biology. The content of the activity is focused on the noise and  the air pollution. They are related to different types of waves (physics), liquid particles / aerosols - and some gases (chemistry) and how they affect nature (biology and geography) and humans (biology).

The practical lesson is part of the project result O2 - A2 Implementation of Laboratory work, and the activity is developed within the product IO1_A2_Elaboration of a methodological approach and instruments for defining the Educational Kit